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Entori is a product and business we inherited through the acquisition of a prominent Microsoft vendor.  The product had been mothballed for a two years and required a pretty heavy overhaul in both infrastructure modernization and UI/UX.   Entori is designed to manage thousands of Microsoft AD tenants with millions of user records.  We used serverless architecture and the actual Serverless libraries in addition to Terraform/Lambdas for dev ops.   Privacy and security are critical as is data regionalization to comply with EU regulations.  The final solution required both AWS and Azure infrastructure to satisfy the demands of vendors and customers.


Our retooling and relaunch resulted in a beautiful facelift, over 200 new data objects, and 13 critical features.   In addition, we improved data security (only leveraging Privacy Shield services) and built a world-class team of Engineers(both domestic and offshore).   The application was built in React/Node and utilizes Elastic Search, Segment, Auth0, with commercialization features using Stripe, Intercom, and Mixpanel.