Clubhouse meets Snap - Whether you are with your friends or remote you can feel part of the group with a combination of live audio rooms searchable by friends or locations.

ProductNav is a platform-based coaching and consulting platform allowing Ian Barkley and his team to work with businesses to better manage their products, pricing, and customer success.

Revenue mapping tool for CROs to identify where revenue originates and what products and people contribute or help maintain revenue.

Ticketing meets the Blockchain - NFT and DAOs for event ticketing.

Professional kits to elevate your customer experience. Designed for vacation rental hosts, Turo hosts, new hire welcome kits, new homeowner welcomes packs. Choose 1 of 3 kits options, customize, and order on-demand

Houzz and Pinterest meet travel itinerary builder and calendaring tools. Browser extension grabs snippets from travel sites or social feeds into a drag and drop calendar. Full collaboration between co-travelers with a final export and published itinerary to help guide you on your final trip.

Wyz Cloud is a low cost agent that runs passively on your customer's tenants to send Alerts based on specified criteria. Alerts can be triaged and escalated based on the customer's perceived value.

Unique performance automotive gifts for dealers to either reward their customer or help convert a sale that needs a small nudge

Modern HR vizualizations and calculators to better understand your team's sprawl, cost, and alignment

An alternative to HOA. Using DAO's / smart Contracts and vendor management automation, HOOD allows home owners to reduce cost of HOA but still allow them to pool funds and pay vendors with more transparency

Wellness app to help address Panic disorder and connect those who suffer with on-demand therapists and a community

Long-term rental membership designed for Digital Nomads who struggle with moves, short term rentals etc

Payment card for kids - alternative to Greenlight

Your CRM re-thought for Generation Z

Elevated Non-Fiction storytelling that spans borders, races, and ideologies. allows teams to craft complex plans asyncronously

Top Secret Ventures places angel and seed stage investments into consumer product Companies and MVP SaaS.

Verse ties together the real world with the digital meta verse. Leveraging 3d Print, AR, and VR, Verse bridges gaps between reality and the digital world to assist companies in pre-sales or remote selling opportunities

MiniVlog allows casual creators to capture their daily activities in a highly curated and prompted fashion. Prompts, automated titles and filters, along with auto editing make daily video journaling a snap.

Monitor and manage all of your M365 and Microsoft Azure subscriptions in one place.

A platform for offshore developers and agencies to promote their more unique offerings (Blockchain, AR, Game Development etc) to tech firms looking for unique skills

A marketplace that aggregates the top trends and influencers from TikTok, Instagram, Reddit, Facebook, Shopify, AliExpress,and Discord

Nobl Brands is a collaboration between esteemed parfumeur Xavier Benoit and Ian Barkley, bringing premium essential and frangrance oils to luxury diffusers designed for automotive and home.

PhonePact allows individuals to quickly craft, send, and track agreements such as NDAs, Policy and Procedures, Covenants via SM

Pura Vistas

A collection of premium homesites on Costa Rica's most coveted coastline. Pura Vistas simplifies the process of international ownership and real estate acquisition in Costa Rica

Spiff Wallet

$100 Amazon gift cards are so passé. Spiff Wallet allows businesses to add crypto perks to their compensation and spiff programs. Spiff Wallet gives each employee a basic wallet with the ability to receive NFTs

Zero Goal

Zero Goal provides kits and materials for executives to promote internal energy and carbon policy throughout their organization and amongst shareholders.