Fistbump – RevOps Simplified


Vision, Branding, Product Design


Top Secret LLC


B2B SaaS, Sales Enablement, RevOps

Fistbump™ provides CROs and Go-to-Market teams with visibility across the entire customer journey, maximizing revenue opportunities, identifying areas of improvement, and providing better forcasts.

RevOps is an emerging category and few tools, built from the ground up, provide the visual intelligence and thoughtful insights needed for a CRO to self-manage.   Fistbump combines a lightweight CDP, gorgeous visuals, and AI overlays that tell the full story.


Aside from product vision and product-market-fit analysis, I designed and developed 16 different visuals. From identity, to reporting, to functional UI/UX menu systems and tables I designed the general theme on a 16 point grid (Bootstrap in mind).   I am actively building out prototypes using as the CDP, a Salesforce lightning app as a source for the CRM data, and a Hubspot connector for MQLs (landing page leads) as an MVP.  This product is not intended for an actual commercialized launch.